8.1 Rigid Motions, Congruence, Dilations, & Similarity

Intro Lesson

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By Design

Why do manmade objects look the way they do? Students analyze the symmetry of objects, use geometric reflections to construct symmetrical images of their own, and debate the nature of beauty and perfection.

Topic: Geometry (G)

Middle Lesson

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Key Board

How do you create simple video games? Students apply geometric transformations to build (and play) their own games.

Topic: Congruence (CO), Geometry (G)

End Lesson

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What transformations do smartphones use? In this lesson, students identify and categorize the different transformations that occur when a user manipulates a smartphone screen. They also use on-screen coordinates to calculate the results of zooming within an application and to decide whether ponying up for a larger screen is worth it.

Topic: Geometry (G)