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I'm doing this lesson tomorrow and including the data from yesterday's election. Especially interesting since the winner didn't win the popular vote.

by Jen Dowty

could you share this data from yesterday's election? I'd love to use it, too!

by allison rubin

Great idea Jen!

by Abby Scorsonelli

I would love it if the lessons were also in Spanish for my bilingual classes. Do you have any resources in Spanish?

by Marcela Acosta

Great idea! That's something we'll have to look into offering.

by Abby Scorsonelli

I too would like to know about the Spanish lessons. I have an ESL student who speaks barely any English--she just moved here from Mexico! I'd love to be able to have her involved!

by Amber German

Appreciate the feedback! We'll see what we can do in the future.

by Abby Scorsonelli