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This was my first Mathalicious lesson. My students were both reflective and engaged during the entirety of this lesson.

by Brittany Clarke

I modified this lesson for 5th graders as part of their first introduction to integers. I began by showing each of the Inside Out "Get to Know Your Emotions" previews. After each, I had students place the emotion on a number line, giving it a positive or negative value, and explain their reasoning. The students really connected with the context. It helped them make many excellent insights about the relative values of the numbers. As a transition, I asked students to rate their day on the same number line. Then I had them look at and analyze the student graphs of emotions over week. This supported developing 5th grade skills of reading graphs on a coordinate grid. Finally, students graphed their ideal week. Since this was 5th grade, I omitted the absolute value work, but many students came to the same conclusions about "negative" emotions being "positive" and included low days on their ideal week graph to make the up days seem even better. Thanks for a super engaging lesson idea!

by Alison Hansel

two of the videos in this lesson were not working. Is there something I need to change on my end to make this work?

by Anthony Meoli

Hi Anthony, the Preview and Q2 videos work on our end. You shouldn't need to do anything special to play them. Are videos in other lessons working for you? if you're still having problems.

by Abby Scorsonelli

Where is the second video, I only have the very first video, the one before Q1?

by Karin Camptell

Could you change the graph on Q4 teach screen to Sunday, so that it can make the other charts.

by Hillary Kalis

Hi Hillary, Not sure what you're referring to here. Please shoot us an email and we'll be happy to discuss. Thanks! -Ginny

by Ginny Stuckey

The graph in question 4 on the student handout page starts on Sunday. But the online version that the teacher shows on the projector for Q4 graph made by Desmond program starts on Monday. Can you change that demo graph to start on Sunday also like the student handout.

by Hillary Kalis