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Domino Effect

How much does Domino's charge for pizza? Students use linear functions — slope, y-intercept, and equations — to explore how much the famous pizzas really cost.
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XBOX Xponential - Legacy Version

How have video game console speeds changed over time? Students write an exponential function based on the Atari 2600 and Moore's Law, and see whether the model was correct for subsequent video game consoles.
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On Your Mark

Do taller sprinters have an unfair advantage? Students use proportions to find out what would happen if Olympic races were organized by height.
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Three Shots

In basketball, should you ever foul at the buzzer? Students use probabilities to determine when the defense should foul...and when they should not.
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New-Tritional Info (Legacy Version)

How long does it take to burn off food from McDonald's? Students use unit rates and proportional reasoning to determine how long they'd have to exercise to burn off different McDonald's menu items.
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Fall of Javert

Could Inspector Javert have survived the fall? Students use quadratic models to determine how high the bridge was in Les Misérables, and explore the maximum height from which someone can safely jump.
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