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Karim 3

Karim Ani

Karim taught 8th grade math and Algebra in rural Virginia and New York City, and was later a middle school math coach. Karim enjoys searching the world for interesting math lessons, and then organizing them into tables.

Favorite lesson:
I Remember

Ginny 2

Ginny Stuckey

Ginny taught high school mathematics in Memphis, and later supported teachers with Teach for America in D.C. and Maryland. She wants every teacher on the planet to enjoy Mathalicious, and she's always thinking about how to make that happen.

Favorite lesson:

Abby full

Abby Scorsonelli

Abby earned a BS in Mathematics and served as a nuclear engineering officer in the US Navy. And now she's the first person you'll meet when you holler at Mathalicious!

Favorite lesson:



Desmos is a beautiful, free, online graphing calculator built by really smart and really nice people. We work with their tools to give you cool, interactive representations of functions in lots of our lessons.

Buck Institute for Education

BIE creates, gathers, and shares high-quality project-based learning (PBL) instructional practices and products. Mathalicious partnered with BIE in 2012 to develop exemplary PBL materials for mathematics. The design of Mathalicious projects and support materials was refined through a collaboration with BIE.


GeoGebra is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus. We use GeoGebra to build all sorts of cool sketches for you and your students to play with.


100Kin10 is a growing network of over 150 partner organizations unified by a single ambitious goal: to prepare all students with the high-quality STEM knowledge and skills needed to address our most pressing national and global challenges. Mathalicious contributes to this goal by developing rigorous math lessons and projects that build critical thinking skills and foster a deep understanding the most important concepts in middle and high school mathematics. As part of our commitment to 100Kin10, Mathalicious is expanding our coverage of the Common Core State Standards.

Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics is a discerning community of educators dedicated to the coherent learning of mathematics. They share carefully vetted resources for teachers and teacher leaders to give children an understanding of mathematics and skill in using it. They also provide expert guidance to states and districts working to improve mathematics education. Mathalicious is working with the brilliant folks at IM to develop course maps and unit blueprints that will direct teachers to the best resources available as they transition to the Common Core State Standards.

Urban Education Lab

The Urban Education Lab (UEL) is part of the University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute, and its goal is to generate knowledge to help improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged children growing up in some of the most distressed neighborhoods in the United States and overseas. UEL is working with Mathalicious to evaluate its impact on students and teachers in three school districts in Virginia.