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Lisa bejarano
I use Mathalicious lessons regularly, because they motivate students to use math to understand their world, instead of doing math only because it is required. About halfway through most Mathalicious lessons, students are debating and hurrying ahead because they are eager to understand how the world works!

Lisa Bejerano

Aspen Valley High School, Academy School District 20
National Board Certified Math Teacher
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mathalicious has become an essential part of my curriculum this year. Mathalicious lessons put me in a position to facilitate meaningful conversations among students using math…. and they make my job so much more enjoyable! My favorite lesson has been Not So Fast where my students were engaged in heated debate about what the y-intercept value meant in the context of the speeding fine calculation. From this year on, I plan to have a Mathalicious lesson in every unit.

Katherine Tulley

Upper School Math Teacher
The Young Women’s Leadership
School of Astoria
Astoria, New York

Adam holman
In far too many classrooms, students are subjected to lessons that are completely out of context. This causes students to see math as discrete, meaningless facts. Students are taught to memorize algorithm after algorithm. Enter Mathalicious. Mathalicious lessons use engaging real-world questions, and also incorporate best practices and quality pedagogy. Mathalicious is extremely responsive and supportive of teachers and provides help in many shapes and forms for those using their lessons.

Adam Holman

Assistant Principal Crockett High School
Austin, Texas

Wendy menard
Not only do the mathalicious lessons provide highly engaging real world context, and open the door for great mathematical discussions in the classroom, but they help set the tone for a classroom culture rich in inquiry, application, and student-centered work.

Wendy J. Menard

Mathematics Teacher
Midwood High School
Brooklyn, New York

Not only are the lessons and projects things I want my students to do...they’re activities I wish I had done as a student. I enjoy the lessons right along with my students.

Justin Aion

Woodland Hills Junior High
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fawn nguyen
My students love Mathalicious lessons because they can relate to the current and viable topics. Act 1 quickly draws them in and holds their attention! The lessons are very well thought out and the student handouts are carefully designed. My favorite part of each lesson is listening to the students' thoughtful discussions in small groups and as a whole class.

Fawn Nguyen

Math Teacher
Mesa Union Junior High
Mesa, California

I made an impromptu visit to Mrs. Nguyen's class when she was teaching the Mathalicious lesson Licensed to Ill. I observed students collaborating to solve a problem at the intersection of ethics and business. Students were engaged in discussion and permutation to determine the cost effectiveness of insurance.

Mrs. Nguyen’s Principal

Mesa Union Junior High
Mesa, California

Keith devlin
Mathalicious provides well thought-out, meaningful lessons in an appealing, engaging way. I recommend it!

Keith Devlin, PhD

NPR's Math Guy
Stanford University

Sara vanderwerf
This is some of the best content I’ve ever seen. Lessons are fun for students, and my teachers love how much math they can get through. A great combo!

Sara Van Der Werf

Curriculum Specialist
Minneapolis Public Schools
Minneapolis, Minnesota