6.4 Operations with Fractions and Decimals

Intro Lesson

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Are We Alone?

What are the chances that we'll communicate with aliens? Students use fraction multiplication to explore the Drake Equation, the formula astronomers use to estimate the number of intelligent civilizations with whom we might communicate.

Topic: Number and Operations -- Fractions (NF)

Middle Lesson

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How were free states and slave states represented in Congress? In this lesson, students use census data and fraction multiplication to explore the effects of the Three-Fifths Compromise on the balance of power between free and slave states in early America.

Topic: Number System (NS)

End Lesson


Harmony of Numbers

Why do certain pairs of notes sound better than others? Students use ratios and fraction division to explore what makes two notes sound good or bad when played together.

Topic: Number System (NS), Ratios and Proportional Relationships (RP)