6.1 Area, Surface Area, Volume

Intro Lesson

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Ad Vantage

How much of what we see is advertising? Students decompose irregular polygons into triangles and rectangles, find their areas to estimate the fraction of a scene that’s advertising, and discuss the pros and cons of living in an ad-free world.

Topic: Geometry (G)

Middle Lesson

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Tricks of the Tray'd

What's the best way to design a food tray? Students calculate the volumes of rectangular prisms and use that information to design a cafeteria tray that looks good and holds a balanced meal.

Topic: Geometry (G)

Culminating Lesson

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Ice Cubed

What size ice cubes should you put in your drink? Students use surface area, volume, and rates to explore the relationship between the size of ice cubes and how good they are at doing their job: chilling.

Topic: Geometry (G), Ratios and Proportional Relationships (RP)