8.3 Systems of Equations

Beginning Lesson


You're So Fined

How do municipal fines affect people with different incomes? Students write, solve, and graph systems of linear equations to determine how long it takes to pay off a ticket and debate the fairest ways for cities to raise revenues without harming their poorest residents.

Topic: Creating Equations (CED), Expressions and Equations (EE), Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities (REI), Functions (F)

Middle Lesson

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Which movie rental service should you choose? Students develop a system of linear equations to compare Redbox, AppleTV, and Netflix, and determine which is the best plan for them.

Topic: Expressions and Equations (EE), Functions (F)

End Lesson


Black Hole Son

Are solar panels worth the cost? Students set up and solve systems of linear equations to compare different electricity plans and determine when each option is the least expensive.

Topic: Expressions and Equations (EE)