HSI.2 Functions (F1)

Beginning Lesson


Decoder Ring

What are some ways to encrypt secret messages? Students explore function concepts using ciphers to encrypt messages both graphically and algebraically; they try to decrypt some messages too. In the end, they’ll learn what makes for a useful cipher, and what makes a cipher impossible to decode.

Topic: Building Functions (BF), Functions (F), Interpreting Functions (IF)

Middle Lesson


It's a Date

How can we improve our calendar? Students examine some other ways to keep track of dates, and use number sense and function concepts to convert between different calendars.

Topic: Building Functions (BF), Functions (F), Interpreting Functions (IF)

End Lesson

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Carpe Donut

How much should people pay for donuts? Students use linear, rational, and piecewise functions to describe the total and average costs of an order at Carpe Donut.

Topic: Building Functions (BF), Interpreting Functions (IF)