ALGII.4 Polynomials and Rational Functions

Beginning Lesson

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Going Once, Going Twice

How much should you bid in an auction? Students create polynomial functions to model the expected value of a given bid and determine the optimal amount someone should bid in any auction.

Topic: Building Functions (BF), Interpreting Functions (IF)

Middle Lesson


Siren Song

Does the same sound always sound the same? Students come up with equations in several variables to explore the Doppler Effect, which explains how sound from a moving object gets distorted.

Topic: Creating Equations (CED)

End Lesson

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Sofa Away From Me

How far away from the TV should you sit? Students use right triangle trigonometry and a rational function to explore the percent of your visual field that is occupied by the area of a television.

Topic: Building Functions (BF), Creating Equations (CED), Interpreting Functions (IF), Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities (REI), Similarity, Right Triangles, and Trigonometry (SRT)