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Everywhere we turn in today’s media-saturated world, we are bombarded with advertising. Times Square in New York City, a place filled with scrolling and blinking signs, may be the epicenter of advertising overload; our online experiences have become similarly saturated with various forms of marketing. Our eyes have grown accustomed to this barrage, but how can we quantify just how overrun with advertising our landscape has become?

In this lesson, students calculate the areas of irregular shapes by decomposing them into simpler ones to determine how much of their visual field filled with advertising in real life and online. Students consider the consequences of reducing their advertising exposure.

Students will

  • Find the area of irregular shapes by decomposing them into rectangles and/or triangles
  • Calculate the area of rectangles and triangles

Before you begin

Students should have experience calculating the areas of triangles and rectangles.

Common Core Standards

Content Standards
Mathematical Practices