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In addition to the regular build-your-own pizzas, Papa John’s also offers a number of specialty pizzas, from The Works to Garden Fresh to Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. They sound delicious, but are they actually a good deal?

In this lesson students evaluate expressions to calculate how much it would cost to build each specialty pizza topping-by-topping. They then calculate the savings two ways—in dollars and as a percent—to determine whether specialty pizzas are really worth it. Is it smart to always “go big?”

Students will

  • Use “Create Your Own” pizza pricing to evaluate a cost expression and compare prices
  • Calculate savings when ordering pizza in terms of dollars ($), percents (%), and number of toppings
  • Given several money-saving options, decide which deal is the best (and why!)

Before you begin

Students should be able to convert part of a whole into a percent (e.g. $5 is 25% of $20).

Common Core Standards

Content Standards
Mathematical Practices


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