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I did this lesson today with my algebra 2 students and I was worried they wouldn't understand how to write the equations because they are behind on some math skills however, they excelled at it. I barely had to help and they took off running with and they understood everything so much better because of this lesson. I was worried about step function, but they understood it even though they never worked with it before. I really enjoyed it as well. Thank you!

by Noelle Kratzke

Used this lesson to introduce my 8th Graders to quadratic graphs. They often assume that all data is linear and this lesson was great for them to visualize a scenario in which data is not. They loved to argue how tall the bridge was and many used their iPads to Google how tall bridges are in Paris, the US and the world. Great lesson!!

by Kathy Henderson

Thanks for sharing Kathy!

by Ginny Stuckey

I taught this lesson last week. My students loved it. My Algebra II students had not learned the step function yet so I only used the part up to where Javert committed suicide. There homework assignment was to research structures that were approximately 1024 feet tall and the next day our conversation revolved around the validity of the musical: Could Javert have fallen 1024 ft from a bridge in 1830's Paris?

by Jerry France

Thanks for sharing Jerry! Do you have suggestions for how a teacher whose students are in a similar place with step functions might use this lesson to wade into the concept?

by Ginny Stuckey

I changed the last 2 questions (#4 and #5) to be about derivatives so I could use the speed function for my Calculus students.

by Julie Rogers

Looks like the video in #1 might be missing? Haven't had any other problems today, maybe it's just a temporary thing? not sure.

by Liisa Suurtamm

Hey Liisa, working fine on our end! with specifics if you're still having problems.

by Abby Scorsonelli

Hello all! Question: Are we assuming the length of the last note he sang is the length of his fall?

by Stephen Paul

Yup! Exactly.

by Abby Scorsonelli

What was the length? 4 seconds?

by Kieran Correia

8 seconds

by Hailey Hudspath

What lesson do you recommend to go immediately before this one? I am teaching a summer program to students in classes that range from Pre-Algebra to PreCalculus.

by Suzanne Batchelor

I really liked the "Out of Left Field" task. It is over vertex form of quadratics. I usually teach vertex form first and then move into standard form.

by Hailey Hudspath