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The year for the Atari Jaguar changed from #1 to #4

by Alexis Lawrence

The year for the Atari Jaguar is different in the first question versus the table near the end of the assignment.

by Alexis Lawrence

Isn't the CORRECT expression for #2 1.2(2)^50 NOT 1.2(10)^50? Also it is confusing that the Atari Jaguar is first listed as 1993 on the first page, but is then listed as being released at 1991 on the back table. Any reason for this?

by Eric Gordon

Thanks for the feedback Eric! You're absolutely right on both accounts. We'll update the files. with your mailing address--we'd love to send you a token of appreciation!

by Abby Scorsonelli

Isn't #2 1.2(2)^50/2 so 1.2(2)^25? Doubles every 2 years. Have to cut the years in half.

by Jeff Frazee

Good activity so far, some struggled to recognize the pattern of growth

by Jami Joshua