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How big is the White House? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is one of the most famous addresses in the world. Not only is the White House the home of the Executive Branch, it’s also a physical representation of America.

In this lesson, students build scale models of the White House, compare scaling in one vs. two vs. three dimensions and design their ideal version of the president’s house.

Students will

  • Determine a scale factor and use a scale model
  • Calculate the area of rectangles
  • Use nets to find the surface area of an object
  • Reason about volume

Before you begin

While you can set your own scale factor, the answers in the exemplary response document are dependent on the Model document being printed undistorted; you'll want to opt to print it at "100%" rather the "shrink to fill."

Common Core Standards

Content Standards
Mathematical Practices

Additional Materials

  • scissors
  • tape
  • ruler (or other tool for measurement).