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Why do concert tickets cost so much? If you’ve bought a sports or concert ticket lately, you may have paid far more than face value. From service fees to processing fees, additional costs can cause ticket prices to skyrocket.

In this lesson, students use percents to describe how much of a ticket’s price goes to various parties -- artist, venue, brokers, etc. -- and debate the fairest ways to price and sell event tickets.

Students will

  • Calculate and use percents to compare values in a real-world context

Before you begin

Students should know how to calculate percent given the part and the whole, e.g. $87 is what percent of $128.10, and also calculate a value given the percent and the whole, e.g. what is 68% of $128.10?

Common Core Standards

Content Standards
Mathematical Practices

Additional Materials

  • Colored pencils (optional)